Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Pinch Of Hawaii

We have to admit here, that the both of us love and respect the Hawaiian culture, so we decided to share a pinch of this wonderful culture with you all, hoping that we can give it to you as close and as good as a native Hawaiian would. 

Hawaiian culture has many many wonderful aspects, please let us share 3 pillars of it in the following:

Aloha - Share the life energy

File:Punaluu Beach Park, Big Island, Hawaii.jpg
Punaluu Beach Park, Big Island, Hawaii
Little known, that Aloha is not only a simple greeting, but a way of sharing life energy, the essence of life. A way of blessing.
It may represent care, support, tolerance and felicitation.
Also it teaches us, that what we feel and think of others, will form us and it is a reflection of ourselves. If we send good vibes or think positively of others it will be our positive reflection of ourselves and help us to grow and learn the ways of godspeed and love.
Love and gratefulness is the greatest good in our lives and so is for the Earth and
every being of Nature. If we are recharging from these energies, we will be able to get rid of stress, fear and anxiety. We may re-discover our true nature, that was forgotten at birth and we'll be able to see our real, divine being.

File:Akaka Falls Hawaii.jpg
Akaka Falls Hawaii
Mana - Know Thyself 

Mana is a sacred energy and also healing power, that is present throughout the Earth and all lifeforms of Nature owns it - including places: the valleys, mountains, waterfalls or the wind, the four elements; but even a rock and your thoughts and will as a human being holds Mana
Mana includes the power of self-acknowledge, which enhances partly your ego and partly your divine side. Mana helps you find the inner force that helps you understand: that your fate is not depending on the outer influences in your life, but your given answer and ability of how you respond to them. This shapes your personality whilst your divine self strengthens as well. 
Mana can only work together with Aloha. 

Pono - The energy from the inner peace

Pono is the lore of the greatest truth, the correctness and morality. The lore of regaining the essence of peace that blooms within you, in your inner harmony. Pono helps you to chose the right from what you *think* is right. This way, you'll be able to give up a 'stubborn' clinging to something that is only believed to be true and accept the the correct truth. This will grow your divine spirit and enforce your intuition too.

Awesome lores, aren't they? We can only but hope that we explained these wonderful teachings correctly and give a 'taste' of this wonderful culture and perception of life.

Punaluu Beach Park, Big Island, Hawaii wiki photo
Akaka Falls Hawaii from wiki

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