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About Quitting Smoking

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Breath Easier - Live Better - Quit Smoking
You wish to quit smoking, but you have that little evil voice in your ears, that keeps on saying: "You are too addicted" OR "You will gain fat"?

Well, here are the benefits of quitting:

*But first, make up your mind for real.The fear of failing or weight-gaining is just a made-up excuse and cannot be as bad as the consequences that smoking does to your body. You KNOW it.*

1. The First Hour
Your heart-rate normalizes. 

2. The First 2-4 Hours
In the first few hours, your blood circulation starts to improve: you will feel warmth at your fingertips and toes.
This is when the first withdrawal symptomes would show up: craving, hunger, anxiety. Stay strong and keep your will. Eat an apple, or fruit-salad to ease the yearning and go for a short walk, to the local park to beat anxiety.

3. 12 Hours Later
The carbon-monoxide level decreases in
your body, the healthy level of oxygen normalizes.

4. One day after leaving cigarettes, the risk of a heart-attack drops down. 

5. Only 48 hours later, your taste and smell improves to a more normal level. The nerve-endings would start to re-grow.

6. The 3rd Day Watermark
This is the point, where the advantages of quit smoking may seem too little compared to the withdrawal symptomes: headache, nausea and emotional changes.
Tip: Take hot baths, meditate, organize outdoor activities and if you really can't cope with the nicotine-withdrawal, try the e-cigs.

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Quit Smoking
7. 2 Weeks Later
Your energy-levels are sky high. You'll find yourself craving for activities: don't hold yourself back! This is when, even if you've put 4 lbs on at the fist 2 weeks, you can lose them easily.
All of your organs will heal and your immune-system will improve dramatically. The withdrawal symptomes will be paling and fading away soon.

8. In The First Couple OF Months
Your lungs will heal and your breathing will be deeper and easier. You will be able to start sporting and live easier - your pains in your legs will fade, your joints will heal.

9. One Year Later
Your average health level normalizes by 80-99%.

10. 5 Year's Mark 
The risk of you getting a stroke will drop by 70%

11. Ten Years Later

The risk of cancers dramatically decreases.

So, as we said: Gaining a few extra pounds is possible, but you can get rid of it soon after. You cannot beat the advantages that quitting of smoking can do.

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