Friday, 4 July 2014

Mushroom Cream Soup

mushroom cream soup


1 kilo of Champignon mushroom
2 onions 
2 carrots
50 grams of butter (or ghee)
2tbsp of sour creme
spices: salt, ground white pepper, parsley.

Chop the onions to small square pieces and half fry it on the butter in a cooking pot. Add the chopped carrots and mushrooms and fry them together. Fill up the pot with meat soup (you can prepare it from a soup cube) until it covers up the veggies. Cook the soup until the carrot becomes soft. 
Take it off from the fire, and take out half of the vegetables from the soup and put them into a dish (only the vegetables, no soup should be taken out). Add the sour creme into the soup, and puree it together with the vegetables using your immersion blender (stick blender). When it's creamy, add the other half of the
veggies to the cream soup. Hint it with parsley leaves and if needed, add some more salt/ pepper.
Serve and enjoy your *Mushroom Creme Soup* :D

Note: it is really delicious with a slice of wholegrain bread ;)

source pic: rizalina

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