Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hot Wings - Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe

Hot Wings - Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe
Okay, this is HOT and really delicious!
A little time-consuming to prepare, but the result is worth every "sacrificed" minute! 
The grilled wings are really spicy, so if you have a sensitive tummy, be careful.

Okay, let's see the magic of this:
Chicken wings - depending on the number of the guests, 1 or 2 is enough per person.
Spices: salt, black pepper, ginger (ground or powder) and chilli powder.
Pear (small)

Cauliflower as garnish 100-150 grams per person

Prepare the wings 5 hours prior to grilling. Wash the meat and put it in salty water: add 1 tablespoon of salt to approximately 5 liters of pure water. 4 hours later, take the meat out and wash them again. Put
every wing on a piece of tin foil (it has to be large enough to cover the meat all around) add a sliced apple and a sliced pear to it and hint it with a pinch of ginger, chilli and pepper. Cover the meat with the tin foil, then put it in the oven for 30 minutes. This way the spices will merge with the chicken and create an amazing symphony of tastes and the chilli won't make the meat taste bitter. When the time's up, get the wings out from the tin foil, put the fruits aside-you won't need them. Put the meat on the hot grill. When one side is nearly done, turn it around to let the other half roasted a bit, then turn it back to start over again. 
Meanwhile, cook the cauliflower, add pepper and salt to it (optional to spice it) and when it's soft, pour the water off and let the cauliflower drain, then mash it with a fork or potato masher, or put it into a blender and let it mix it for you.

Serve and enjoy the soft texture of the cauliflower with the spicy-hot chicken wings.

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