Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hungarian Stuffed Pepper

Hungarian Stuffed Pepper
Fabulous and really tasty: Hungarian Stuffed Pepper recipe.

It can be included in your paleo diet with a few tricks here and there, the original recipe, however, is moderately diet-friendly. :)

You'll need:

4 tablespoon of olive oil (you may substitute it with ghee or coconut fat)
1 tablespoon of ground red pepper (the spice and not the hot chili thingy)
1 peeled tomato
150 grams of tomato puree or canned mashed tomato or thick tomato juice
2 celery stems (choose thin stems with leaves on - it is for spicing only)
a pinch of birch sugar

For the filling:
500 grams of
minced meat 
125 grams of precooked rice (optional)
2 cloves of garlic

You'll need up to 4 peppers (normal or bell-peppers, but this is optional)

Remove the top of the peppers and cut out the seeds. Mix the filling and fill the peppers with the meat.
Make balls from the remaining meat, if there's any. Heat the oil, when it gets hot, take off from the heat and add the ground red pepper, the peeled tomato, the half of the puree and 100 milliliters of water, stir it. Place the filled peppers and the meat balls on top, then put the pot back on the heat and pour in enough water to cover the peppers and meatballs well. Add the celery stems and the remaining puree and you can spice it with salt and a pinch of birch sugar. When the peppers's skin becomes really wizened, try to cut a meat ball and check if it's cooked. Serve it with mashed potato, or rice, but it is good plain. Bon appetit! :D

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