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Green Tea diet

As you possibly already know or have heard of the wonderful green tea and its benefits, we'll just mention them in a nutshell. 
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Green Tea diet
 In Asia, green tea has been consumed for thousands of years now and it's a very important, popular and loved drink that has great effects on mind and body.
 Researches of green tea, and its effects on your bodysystem shows that drinking this elixir is very important to everyone.  The antioxidants in the tea not only purifies your body from free radicals, but it also helps to restore your cell's health and the active substances in the tea improves the fat-metabolism.

Dutch scientists have made a test about this. They tested 2 groups of volunteers to whom they have made up a diet for a 3 weeks period. Both groups got the very same meals: 3 main courses and 2 snacks a day. The difference was that the 2nd group also received green tea extract to the meals and snacks. The results were amazing: on average, the members of the 2nd group burnt 3 times more calories than the members of the 1st group and on average, they have lost 2.5kgs (5.5lbs).

The diet

If your goal is the progressive and easy weight-loss, we recommend you to eat *light foods*, decrease the intake of sweets and salty snacks and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Other than that, there's no need of any other limitations of your meals. Eat 5 times a day but have small portions.

Example for a day's meals:

- Breakfast: 1 orange and 1 banana
- Snack: 1 yoghurt (0% fat) and 1 muesli bar
- Lunch: 100g of roasted meat or fish, tofu with salad
- Snack: 1 fistful of nuts 
- Dinner: fruit-salad with a tablespoon of honey

You should drink one mug of green tea after each main course and snacks and also before going to bed and after waking up.

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