Monday, 8 April 2013

Recipe: Walnut - cake

A delicious and healthy cake:) 

200g ground walnuts
150g cherry (seedless, you can buy deep-frozen cherries as well)
50g almond-flakes
1 lemon's peel (grated)
1tsp baking soda
70-80g of birch-sugar (xilit)
80g butter (bio, grass-fed)
4 eggs

Separate the eggs: mix the yolks with the xilit and the butter. Mix the walnuts with the baking soda, add the grated lemon's peel and the half of the almond-flakes, then add this mix to the egg-mix. Add the seedless cherry* (if you picked frozen, you have to de-freeze it first). Whip the egg white into a tough foam, and then carefully stir the foam into the walnut-dollop till you get a homogene mix.

Pour the cake-dollop into a silicone- cake mould (or into normal cake-mould in what you've place wax- or baking paper) and hint its top with the other half of the almond-flakes then put the cake in the oven for 35-40mins on 170°. Enjoy :)

Note: If you like raisin, you can place 1 into each cherries. It makes the cake more delicious.

If you'd like, you can replace butter with ghee. This way, you can eat this cake in the Paleo Diet and in the G.I. Diet, also if you substitute walnuts with almonds, you can eat this cake in the Alkalinizing Diet

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