Thursday, 23 May 2013

7 Days Purifying Diet

This is a drastic, but very effective diet and actually this is one of the most preferred type of fasting diet. You may follow this diet for up to 7 days maximum. You can lose up to 11lbs (or 5kgs) during this diet.

So, as we said: This diet is a type of fasting and the base of it is a really tasty soup, which ingredients are meant to boost the fat-metabolism, letting you lose weight very quick.
(Here we'd take the opportunity to mention our essential advice: don't start a diet until you consulted with your doctor and/or dietician and note that fasting shall be done under a doctor's monitoring. Don't do it when you're working hard but do it when you can relax a lot during the days and meditate.) 
After the 7 days, you have to progressively and slowly get back to the normal 3 meals a day eating habit.

During this week of fasting, you'll get rid of toxins and your colon system will be purified and your blood-circulation and your lymph-circulation will improve.
In case the diet causes constipation, please break the diet with high fiber containing shakes of fruits and veggies. Also you can try mallow tea.

The Soup:

6 onions
150g condensed tomato
1.5kg chopped cabbage
2 green paprikas (peppers)
2 celery roots or 8 celery stems
1 soup cube
1 carrot
chopped parsley
fresh basil
Worchesteshire sauce (optional)

Chop everything in small pieces, put them in a big pot, add water to cover the veggies and add the sauce too. Let it boil for 10 minutes then shrink the flames to cook at a low-temperature till soft.

Eat the soup 3-6 times a day. :)

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