Thursday, 23 May 2013

One Minute Meditation

Meditation In A Minute
One minute meditation

Meditating is essential not only because its "trendy", but because  it's good for you in mind, heart, body and soul.
However the most common excuse for not meditating are *I don't have time for that* or *I've no place for that*. 
So we thought, that we will prove you wrong: It is more than possible to meditate anywhere and anytime! :)
First: set a calm alarm sound on your cell, but dont start the countdown just now. 
Sit down comfy with straight back but keep it
cool and comfy. Place your soles on the floor and rest your hands in a comfy position in your lap or on your knees palms down or palms up. Take a few deep breaths. Start the countdown on your cell. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing and raise your head a little bit till it feels raised from the hectic world's problems. Imagine yourself at a place where you always yearn to be or a place in your dreams. Think about how calm it feels as you're there. In your inner heaven. Imagine all the tiny things there and feel it's reality. Breath deeply and calmly. You're there and everything is peaceful and yours.
As the alarm gently pulls you back from your inner heaven, don't be afraid you won't panic that the meditation is over. You'll feel re-freshed, re-energized and you'll feel the need to create. Your mood will improve and remember: a smile is always allowed! :)

As this meditation is so short and really don't take effort to fulfill it, you can repeat it anytime and anywhere. In a boring meeting, on train or on the bus, on your lunch-break or wherever you can think of.
And one more thing: this meditation can improve quick, letting you to meditate in a moment. You'll see! :)

note: the sunset photo was made by Geraldbrowne

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