Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tips to prevent tiredness

1) Fluid supplement
Drinking enough water a day is essential. From the start of spring, as the weather gets warmer and if you want to get rid of some extra pounds what you've collected during the winter, it's not a problem. Moreover, it's a great thing to drink a bit more of water, than the recommended 2-2.5 litres per day.
This will help you to purify and to actually wash and clean out your inner-parts. You can get rid of toxins and your skin will be shiny again.

2) Vitamin supplement
The spring-time tiredness can be caused by the low level of vitamins. Primarily think about the vitamin C, which can boost your immune-system and protect your cells. This vitamin can help you to *shift up a gear* with your health and to get rid of tiredness.
Choose fruits and veggies over vitamin pills. :)

3) Sunlight
During the cold and dark winter-time, your body's vitamin D level could drop down and run low. Therefore, spending more time under the sun is essential to restore your vitamin D levels. If the weather allows it, take a sun-bath.

4) Get outside!
Nothing is more re-energizing and revitalizing than spending quality time outside in Nature. 
Even if you're just doing the gardening or if you escape to do a camping for the weekend and you'll see how refreshed you'll feel.

5) Body & Spirit
Time to get some pampering: let yourself spend an hour or two every week at a massage salon, or in a sauna and have classes of yoga, pilates or tai-chi and don't forget to meditate daily. :)

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