Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Power Of Colors

A szivárvány 7 színeThere are times when you feel low, powerless, weak or even sad, yet sometimes you feel full of energy, happy and vivid  and you just cannot find the reason to your mood? Take a look around in the room/office where you're at - or even the garden. What do you see? Colors!
Colors are surrounding you and each color affects you for they are vibrating on their own level: giving you a certain type of energy.
Mostly it is a positive energy, but it can happen that you basically have an overdose of that certain color, or a certain color is just making you sad for some reason - like it reminds you to a bad event or memory.

If you remember, we wrote a post about The 7 Main Chakras. Each of the 7 main chakras are connected to a color that can refill it with energy and if in lack of the colour, the chackra may not be able to get refilled. 

Let's see what effect a certain color has on you:

Red is connected to
fire, heat, blood, passion and will, as well as to wrath, anger and destruction. It stimulates your instincts, gives you excitement and energizes you. Red makes you more active.
It improves passion and lets your instincts get stronger.

Orange is merry, cheerful, sunny and warm. It boosts your creative vein and creates harmony between your physical and spiritual self. It is the color of well-being and self-esteem. A room with orange walls will have an intimate, calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

This is the color of life, happiness, tradition, sense and the skill of acceptance and creed.
Yellow has a very important role in self-acceptance and self-esteem. It is very effective against wretchedness and depression. This color improves the logical thinking, the your independence and it gives you a special kind of charm.

Green is the color of love, of burgeoning and it holds the promise of a new life. It is connected with hope and balance. Green is also the color of superstition and envy. Green can decrease stress and if you take a walk or spend time in the woods or in a park, green will help you re-unite with Nature.

The color of faithfulness, loyalty and trust is also a very strong healing color. It decreases stress just as green does and calms you. Blue is one of the main colors of meditation and spiritual fulfillment.
Lighting a blue candle can help you to find answers to unasked questions.

It has a great effect on your discipline and it helps you to trust in people. Indigo helps you to find a balance and decreases mood-swings and to be more self-determined.

Lilac connects you to the supernatural and by this, it makes you more sensitive to spiritualism and religiousness. It is a great healing color and balances your ego with your free-spirit. It helps you to get abstracted from the physical world.

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