Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tips Against Overeating

'Tis the season to be jolly... Falalalalalalalala :p

Well it is that time of the year where most of the families, couples and friends are gathering together to share love and happiness. It is also that time of the year when you make or *meet* lots of tasty meals, cookies and candies that you mostly and inevitably overeat.

We all know what that means and how we suffer if/when it happens, but we just can't get away without tasting the 10th cookie, eat all 3 courses at the dinner (or lunch) and of course it's a part of the season, right? :)

Well to be honest, overeating is not a part of this time of the year. However, it is difficult to say no and afterall, it's only 1 time in the year, it's okay to *sin*. Right?

File:Forain - the buffet.jpg
The Buffet (Jean-Louis Forain)
Sure! There is nothing wrong in leaving your diet for a day or two, but keeping the consummation in normal boundaries IS needed. Otherwise it will hurt or cause some uncomfy side-effects such as collapsing metabolism, tummy pain, heartburn, heart-palpitations and so on. Not to scare you, just to open your eyes. :)

Tips against overeating:

Talking about the 3 course meals: A good tip for this, is to wait about 15mins inbetween the courses. Spend this time with moving - walking around the house (inside) talk with others, go out to breath some fresh air and possibly to enjoy the view outside. But don't smoke. That wouldn't help a bit.

Keep a little temperance: Even if you WANT to eat from all types of foods these days, instead of serving a fat plate of your favourite meals, make a normal portion OR even a smaller one, 'cause after the main course(s) there comes the cookies! Oh the tasty, mouth-watering cookies! Instead of picking all 10 types (let's say), take only 3. That's fair enough. The next day, you can pick 3 different cookies, or ask for a take-home. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you actually eat them straight away as you're back home. ;)

If you need a Tums pill, take it. We suggest to you to get antacid or digestive pills but of course ask your doctor first. These pills can give you a fast relief and help. Alternatively, you can chew some gum inbetween meals (or inbetween courses), 'cause it has a similar effect. You can half a lemon, press out it's juice and drink it. Be careful, not to take it when you already have too much acid in your belly. Lemon juice can help your digestion.

Drink a glass of water 15mins before the meal. The water will fill your belly and you won't be able to eat that much.
Another good idea is to drink a mug of green tea, which will help the digestion and calm your tummy. Drink the tea 15mins before and 15mins after the meals.

One more thing: 

Always ask yourself: Do I really need all these yumm yumms in my belly and are they worth the tummy pain they might cause?

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