Friday, 21 February 2014

Self Made Accessories and How To Make A Framed, Paper-Heart Wall Decor

Little you know, but arts and crafts are always a re-energizing and even therapeutic activity. When you do something creative, that you love and enjoy, it will recharge your spirit, whilst it fills you up with the joy of creating something new, something important, cool and beautiful.
When you create a piece of art, that is pure self-expression and it boosts your soul and you'll feel like you can do anything, everything. Same stands for creating accessories too. If you say for example create a bracelet by putting pearls in line on a piece of thread, through creating a bracelet from wooden or clay pearls combined with copper or silver elements, that bracelet with reflect your very own style and will let others know a bit of you too.

How to make a framed, paper-heart wall decor:

You'll need:
* Thin wooden sticks: 2 short (9 inches), 2 long (12 inches)
* Threads: a normal and a thicker type
* Coloured papers (I picked 2 different, yet feel free to use as many colours as you'd like)
* 1 needle
* Scissors

Step 1.:
Take the sticks and tie them together with the thick thread to make a frame.

Step 2.:
Take one of the papers and fold it in half, then half it again.

Step 3.:
Draw the heart pattern on the paper twice - so you will get 8 hearts when you cut them out! 
Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 with the other paper to get the other 8 hearts.

Step 4.:
Cut 4 strings from the normal thread, make sure that they are at least 3-4 inches longer than the longer side of the frame.

Step 5.:
Take one thread, tie one end to the shorter side of the frame. Pull the needle on the other end of the thread and sew up 4 hearts, one by one, by stitching them on their bottom and top parts:

Step 6.:
Repeat Step 5 with the remaining hearts and threads, then adjust their positions on the string as you prefer:

Step 7.:
Hang it up on the wall and enjoy! :)

Note: You can do less or more hearts by changing their size and number, and also, you can choose different patterns such as bears, four leaf clovers, stars etc. The design is yours and creativity is limitless.

Petra V.

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  1. How true that when you do something creative, your spirit is boosted. That is exactly how I feel when I'm decorating cookies, an art I've just recently discovered and loving it.