Monday, 24 February 2014

How To Remove Makeup

We're sharing a secret with you all:
File:Italian olive oil 2007.jpgWant to know the easiest and best makeup-removal, that will remove your makeup 100% effectively, whilst it moisturizes and regenerates your skin too?

*Drumrolls please*

It's the olive oil!

Surprising? Well, maybe this is not your first thought when it comes to makeup removal, but olive oil can do magic, you'd never thought of. Olive oil contains lots of healthy ingredients such as: unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A and E, beta carotene, antioxidants. All these ingredients will promote your skin's health whilst the oils erase the makeup, gently.

All you need is to pour drops of the oil to facial cotton pads and clear the makeup. That's it. :)

Alternatively, you can pick almond or coconut oils.

picture: wiki


  1. I was totally surprised!! Who knew?!!!! Thanks! I always learn something new from your blog.