Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lose Weight Easier and Smarter

Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight Easier and Smarter

Powerade Zero 
Sports Drink
Tip 1:
Change your soft drink to mineral water, 100% pure juices or sports drinks. Sports drinks are beverages whose stated purpose is to help athletes replace water, electrolytes, and energy after training or competition.

Tip 2:
Say a little mantra, that helps you to change your mind when hunger strikes. 
Like: *I'm doing well in my diet, I wouldn't ruin it.*
*It's worse to stress out of being unhealthy than avoiding to overeat myself.*

Or try to give
a flow to your mind by starting thinking on other things, get on to some creative project which aquires full focus, or cheat on your mind by taking something minty. Mint flavoured things (even chewing peppermint gum, or a healthy juice that contains mint) are able to make your mind believe that you're not hungry.

File:Fruit bowl.jpg
Tip 3:
Eat more veggies and fruits. Switch your snacks every day to fresh fruit- or vegetable salads.

Tip 4:
Choose the "light" version of foods. Although processed foods are not the healthiest things, especially when you're on a diet, you can expect good results by putting things on a minimum (means: minimum calorie intake.)

Tip 5:
Drink, drink, drink!
Drink a glass of water hourly between 8am to 8pm. This will boost your digestion, clears your kidneys and improve their work, whilst it re-hydrates you inside and out.

Tip 6:
Do a 30mins workout daily.

photo "fruits" from wiki

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  1. Great tips as always! I am guilty of not drinking enough water daily. Thanks for the reminder!