Sunday, 6 July 2014

Slim Down - No More Excuses!

Since it's the season of fruits and vegetables, it is the time when you can drop weight like command!
The best thing you can do is substitute your snacks and dinners with fruits, vegetables, salads and fruit salads each day. Another great thing you can do is juicing which can take away your hunger whilst keeping you full of vitamins, minerals and 100% natural, bio nutrition! 

To help you get started, we would like to recommend 2 books:

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This enticing collection of 365 recipes offers a salad for each day of the year. From January to December, you'll find daily inspiration and a seasonal salad to satisfy any craving or suit any occasion.

From light salads featuring spring
vegetables and herbs to garden-fresh greens mixed with summer's bounty, autumn roots tossed with hearty grains to aromatic winter noodle salads--plus protein-packed main-dish salads for any day of the year--a delicious option awaits, With this cookbook as your guide, discover a salad to match each season's ingredients.

The other one, is Darla Reed's second book:
The 50 Best Weight Loss Tips

The 50 Best Weight Loss Tips
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In The 50 Best Weight Loss Tips, Darla will show you 50 awesome ideas: this pocket-book is a great source to complete and improve your diet and weight loss goals. Gain better health, lose weight easier, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

"This is a great collection of handy and good ideas on improving health, weightloss and self-esteem." ~Spring

Other than these, just look at the plate before each meal/snack and ask yourself: Am I eating the right food in the right measure? It will always help.

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